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Alexandra  Diraddo  Guilbault


This is how Wild Hips was born.

A few years ago, it was in early March I believe, I was looking for a dress for a special occasion I had to go to. I was looking for a bohemian, light and flowy summer dress because well, I’ve always wanted one. I searched and browsed websites, local stores and even general big chain stores. I found nothing being offered in sizes above XL. The equivalent of a size 10-12 (I was and still am a size 18). This was not new to me, I had been looking for clothing that would make me feel pretty for years.

My sadness & sense of hopelessness turned me into a determined and driven entrepreneur. I was and have been, on a mission ever since to give us curvy women what we deserve. That being more choice, more custom fitted designs and apparel that is thought of first and foremost for curvy bodies. However what we deserve most is to feel beautiful, confident and powerful in our own skin no matter our size.

At Wild Hips I personally put your curves first. My designs are made and tested using my own so you can rest assured that I make sure that they will fit you 1000% better than anything you might buy in general retail stores.

My fabrics are mostly sourced locally, there is a mix of cotton, rayon, chiffon and polyester fabrics in the item I custom-make. With Wild Hips mainly focused on Boho-Chic styles, I tend to go for flow and movement of fabric before composition.


Let’s revolutionize the fashion industry together.

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