Ever been scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and there it was… the perfect dress. 

A dress that made you smile. A dress that you know would look beautiful on your gorgeous curves!

A dress that will show off just how fabulous you feel. BUT, that dress doesn’t come in your size!!


It is only available for the so-called “STANDARD” sized woman!

And just like that, your smile vanishes leaving a resounding feeling of disappointment and anger!

You know you would have looked and felt gorgeous in that dress but, once again, you have to settle for something else.

You deserve to look as pretty as you feel.


You deserve to be comfortable in what you wear AND you deserve options.

You should not have to settle for clothing not made to fit your fabulous curves! You wouldn’t settle for a man that isn’t right for you, right?

So why do it for something as important as your personal style.

Enough is enough! You don’t need to settle anymore! Wild Hips is here to shake things up.


In the next few months, Wild Hips will be launching their first line of dresses. Wild Hips will be offering fabulous, comfortable summer apparel for all the curvy goddesses out there (sizes 16 to 26).


So, be sure to follow us on social media to be the first to get updates on this amazing new fashion line for women who have been overlooked for far too long.

Today you do you !